All orders dispatched same day or next working day

NB: If you are ordering from USA please pay in US dollars – please do not allow PayPal to convert to GBP – see more details below


We are accepting orders as usual; however please be aware that books sent to USA and other airmail destinations are taking longer than normal to arrive at their destination (currently around 2 weeks instead of 5-7 days).

Ordering is simple: just add up the total cost of the books you are ordering and add postage as shown in the table at the bottom of this page. If you are ordering outside Europe then feel free to use either GBP (£) or USD ($) prices for the books and postage.

When ready to order, if you have a PayPal account then login to your account and send payment to


Please use the “Pay for goods and services” option and please list the book(s) you are ordering in the PayPal “Message” box.

I can accept payments in either Pounds Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. If paying in US dollars please do not convert to GBP if PayPal ‘asks’ you. Please complete the transaction in US dollars. Similarly with Euros, please do not let PayPal convert currency for you.  Just continue paying in your local currency.

If you do not have a PayPal account please email me first with your list of books – I will respond with a PayPal Money Request. Just click on the link in the email from PayPal and follow their instructions. You will be able to pay without opening a PayPal account though there may be a fee.

If paying by cheque please email me first.

Please note e-books are not sent via automated delivery – they are sent manually via a personalised email. All orders fulfilled same day or next working day.

If you have any queries about ordering, please contact me at the email address above. You will always receive an email from me confirming receipt/dispatch of your order (if not then please email me ASAP).

Discounts: Please note that I do not offer discounts of any kind. These are limited-edition, specialist products which take a long time to create and publish. They are also generally lower in price than equivalent products available elsewhere. As someone once said, books are not bars of soap!


QUANTITY OF BOOKS UK Europe Rest of World
 e-book(s) 0 0 0
1 book (any book) £1.70 £4.50 £5.50 / $6.50
2 books £1.70 £4.50 £5.50 / $6.50
3 books £1.70 £4.50 £5.50 / $6.50
4 books £1.70 £5.00 £7.50 / $9.00
5 books £4.00 £7.50 £10.50 / $12.50
6 books £4.00 £7.50 £10.50 / $12.50
7 books £4.00 £7.50 £10.50 / $12.50
8 books £4.00 £7.50 £10.50 / $12.50
9 books £4.00 £7.50 £10.50 / $12.50
10 books £4.00 £9.00 £12.50 / $15.00
11 books £4.00 £9.00 £12.50 / $15.00
12 books £4.00 £9.00 £12.50 / $15.00
13 books £4.00 £9.00 £12.50 / $15.00
Postage prices are correct from March 2020 going forwards.